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HATH Holistic treated my young son over a nine-month period for chronic pain related to an orthopedic condition. After trying EVERYTHING (drugs, massage, icing, heat, meditation, ointments, tinctures, more drugs) we finally found Dorothy Low who provided the only treatment that would turn off the pain. She was able to turn off his pain completely just a few minutes into a treatment, leaving us stunned, and grateful. She is exceptionally good with children, he always felt relaxed and comfortable, and she made the whole needles thing seem almost effortless. Along the way she treated and healed eczema that he has had since birth! If that weren't enough she is also really smart and funny. Like other reviewers, if there were extra YELP stars available I would give them all to Dorothy Low. Also, my son wants to add "she was really good."

Carla R.

Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Dorothy Low as an acupuncturist. Dorothy is a master healer who will give discerning advocates of wellness an uplifting dose of magical proportions! I went to see Dorothy to work out a specific kink in my muskoskeletal system and I received a balancing treatment that gave me renewed energy and awareness about my entire being!  Dorothy provides an array of restorative techniques in her comprehensive treatment - ranging from an extraordinarily engaging interview to a delicate but firm massage to potent supplements and Chinese herbs. I am now a life long patient of Dorothy - I no longer seek relief for a kink in my neck but ongoing support towards better managing the intricate dance between my body, mind and spirit.

Katy B.

Altadena, CA

I have seen Dr Low for many reasons. I have many auto-immune disorders and hormone problems. She has addressed all needs with knowledge, kindness and understanding (these are not always given to the Fibromyalgia and auto immune community).
I can't praise her enough and the help she has given to me. I also, went in for shoulder pain and it turns out part of my problem was my immune system causing me to contract and tightening the shoulder with her help and the help of a massage therapist she works with I am 100% pain free in the shoulder...this could have become frozen shoulder if it had not addressed correctly.
Her understanding to the fact that I am sensitive to touch, smell and sound is amazing. When you are so sensitive , most just brush you off and make you feel horrible

J M.

Pasadena, CA

Dorothy is really great.
I came with a list of problems and she has been able to sort it out and find effective treatments. She is competent, well versed and friendly. She treated my TMJ with acupuncture and on the first treatment my ears popped and the pressure was relieved.
There is much less pain and pressure in my jaw and it is continuing to improve. Dorothy also treated me with herbs for mold toxicity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which has been very helpful in reducing inflammation and symptoms related to those issues.
My liver was also causing me problems from long term pain medication use and the treatment has improved to the point that it is not bothering me at all anymore.

John S

South Pasadena, CA

I am a mother of a 15 year young lady that has battled severe chronic pain since she was approximately 10 years old.  Her pain was so bad that she ended up in the hospital for 9 days trying to manage the pain with narcotics.
It was of little help.
We were at the end of our rope with little hope of her getting help.  Dr. Collins, who is her GI doctor at Children's Hospital, recommended her to the Pain Management clinic when nothing could be done.  We were not sure if this would be a waste of our time or not but it was our last hope. That day was a day that forever changed our lives.
Dorothy Low came in with several other acupuncturists.  She listened to our story and my daughter's symptoms, within 5 minutes she found the spots that relieved my daughter's pain.  It was the first time in more than 6 months that she was pain free.
I cried with pure joy that there was relief.  
We see Dorothy as often as possible and look forward to the visits.  It is still the only time that my daughter gets relief. We travel over an hour to see Dorothy because she is the only acupuncturist that seems to be able to correctly administer treatment for my daughter's relief.  We are so grateful that she chose to go into this line of work. My husband and I see her for our pain whenever possible and just love her a bunch! Thanks so much Dorothy for saving us...really. Can't wait until our next appointment.  You are the BEST!!!

Aimee D.

Simi Valley, CA

I entered the world of acupuncture and TCM at the recommendation of a friend, who E-mailed Dorothy's information after learning I had waged a 40-hour war against insomnia for the second time in a month.
Being un-familiar with any-thing Eastern medicine, I hesitantly called, wondering how an acupuncturist could possibly help with a problem I had been battling since the age of fourteen, and nervous at the thought of a stranger sticking countless needles in my body.
Thankfully, Dorothy's friendly telephone manner and laid-back attitude immediately put me at ease. She gave me an appointment straight away and I went in on my day off expecting to walk out with-out any noticeable change or improvement.
Imagine my surprise when I walked out of there not only feeling relaxed for the first time in months, but also with a feeling of considerable improvement in my general health -- I had been battling a cold that week and left feeling like I could breathe again!
The initial visit was nearly two-hours long, very thorough, informative and professional. I filled out patient forms, she asked questions, I answered as best as I could and she started the treatment. She was extremely thorough and knowledgeable, and had I known more about acupuncture, I would have listed every other physical ailment I have, instead of revealing them during subsequent visits, be-cause, apparently, acupuncture can aid with more than just problems with insomnia! :o)
She has now worked on my neck and shoulder problems twice, which not only has released a lot of the tension in my muscles, but has given me the freedom to move my neck completely again. Thanks to both my chiropractor and Dorothy, I'm not constantly terrified of my neck popping and causing pain and various other physical problems again. She has also been able to help me attain more feeling in my arm, hand, leg and foot (which were all affected by my neck problems) by using electric stimulation in conjunction with acupuncture. It has only taken two visits to gain more sensation in my extremities, even though I had given up on the idea of ever feeling fully normal again in the future.
I also am grateful to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which Dorothy practices, and the ability to modify ingredients to address and benefit each person's individual needs. Not only does Dorothy recommend the herbs, but she also uses her lab to make the pill, powder or liquid form (your choice) of the herbs she prescribes. Every-thing is custom-made by her, which is far more re-assuring than taking medication made for the masses, with no real ability to pick and choose the ingredients one needs.
Another huge plus is Dorothy's willingness to quickly E-mail any requested information. I had asked her to provide a list of the herbal pills she had prescribed, and not only did she E-mail the list within a few hours of my request, but she had also translated all the ingredients from Chinese to Latin and included information about the issues the various herbs are meant to address. I read the list and researched a bit on the Internet and felt much better knowing what was going in-to my body and for which reason.
I am going in for my fourth treatment this week because, as much as I don't understand how she has resolved so many of my health issues, she truly has been able to help. I went in a complete non-believer in acupuncture and have quickly converted to a believer. Dorothy's work is impressive, and she is truly one of the most knowledgeable, professional and helpful people I have ever met. If you're considering trying acupuncture, call Dorothy !
Oh, and the final selling point ? I have been sleeping consistently for the first time in fifteen years ! :o)

Teny C.

Los Angeles, CA

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